Ammonihah, City of

Ammonihah was a three-day journey from Melek, near the cities of Noah, and Aaron. It is remembered for the inhabitants who boasted, “God could not destroy because of its greatness.” Yet it suffered complete destruction in a single day at the hands of the Lamanites. (Alma 9:4; 16:9-10)

Alma preaches at Ammonihah, Alma 8:6–8 (9:1)
land of Ammonihah named after first possessor, Alma 8:7
Alma cast out of Ammonihah, Alma 8:9–13
Alma returns to Ammonihah, Alma 8:16–18
words of Alma and Amulek to people at Ammonihah, Alma 9–14
destruction of people predicted, Alma 10:23
people at Ammonihah burn scriptures, slay believers, Alma 14:8
Alma and Amulek are imprisoned, Alma 14:22
falling prison walls slay leaders, Alma 14:27
Alma and Amulek are freed, Alma 14:28
people flee from prophets, Alma 14:29
Alma and Amulek banished from Ammonihah, Alma 15:1
people remain hard-hearted, Alma 15:15
Lamanites destroy people of Ammonihah, Alma 16:2–3, 9 (25:2)
called Desolation of Nehors, Alma 16:11
rebuilt, Alma 49:3
Lamanites dare not attack Ammonihah, Alma 49:10–11

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