Judea, City of

Judea, a Nephite city

Helaman marches with 2,000 stripling warriors to Judea, Alma 56:9
Antipus and his men fortify city of Judea, Alma 56:15
when Lamanites see Nephite reinforcements, they do not come against Judea, Alma 56:18
Helaman and stripling warriors march back to Judea, Alma 56:57
Nephites send provisions to Judea, Alma 57:11

9 But behold, here is one thing in which we may have great joy. For behold, in the twenty and sixth year, I, Helaman, did march at the head of these two thousand young men to the city of Judea, to assist Antipus, whom ye had appointed a leader over the people of that part of the land. (Alma 56)

15 And these are the cities which they possessed when I arrived at the city of Judea; and I found Antipus and his men toiling with their might to fortify the city. (Alma 56)

18 And now it came to pass that when the Lamanites saw that Antipus had received a greater strength to his army, they were compelled by the orders of Ammoron to not come against the city of Judea, or against us, to battle. (Alma 56)

57 And as we had no place for our prisoners, that we could guard them to keep them from the armies of the Lamanites, therefore we sent them to the land of Zarahemla, and a part of those men who were not slain of Antipus, with them; and the remainder I took and joined them to my stripling Ammonites, and took our march back to the city of Judea. (Alma 56)

11 And notwithstanding the Lamanites being cut off from their support after this manner, they were still determined to maintain the city; therefore it became expedient that we should take those provisions and send them to Judea, and our prisoners to the land of Zarahemla. (Alma 57)


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