Nephi, City of

Nephi, chief city in land of Nephi, south of the land of Zarahemla and bordered on the east and west by two bodies of water. The climate of the land was conducive to cultivating such things as corn, wheat, and barley.

persecuted Nephites flee to Nephi for Zeniff’s protection, Mosiah 9:15
priests of Noah are ashamed to return to Nephi, Mosiah 20:3
Limhi and his people return to Nephi after battles, Mosiah 21:1, 12
Lamanites in Nephi are converted, Alma 23:8, 11
chief city in land of Nephi, Alma 47:20
Amalickiah takes possession of Nephi, Alma 47:31

15 Yea, and it came to pass that they fled, all that were not overtaken, even into the city of Nephi, and did call upon me for protection. (Mosiah 9)

3 And now the priests of king Noah, being ashamed to return to the city of Nephi, yea, and also fearing that the people would slay them, therefore they durst not return to their wives and their children. (Mosiah 20)

1 And it came to pass that Limhi and his people returned to the city of Nephi, and began to dwell in the land again in peace. (Mosiah 21)

12 Yea, they went again even the third time, and suffered in the like manner; and those that were not slain returned again to the city of Nephi. (Mosiah 21)

8 Now, these are they who were converted unto the Lord: (Alma 23)

11 And also of the people of the Lamanites who were in the city of Nephi; (Alma 23)

20 And it came to pass that Amalickiah marched with his armies (for he had gained his desires) to the land of Nephi, to the city of Nephi, which was the chief city. (Alma 47)

31 And it came to pass on the morrow he entered the city Nephi with his armies, and took possession of the city. (Alma 47)


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