Zarahemla, City of

Zarahemla, capital city west of the river Sidon which ran through the land of Zarahemla. Located on the northern portion of the land Southward. The original settlement was founded by Mulekites. In the destruction that accompanied the death of Christ, the city was burned. Zarahemla was rebuilt in the first century, and by 322 A.D. … Read more Zarahemla, City of

Teancum, City of

Teancum, a Nephite city by the seashore near the city of Desolation. At one time it was captured by Lamanites who offered the women and children as sacrifices to their idol gods. Nephites flee to Teancum, Morm. 4:3 Lamanites attack Teancum, are repulsed, Morm. 4:6–8 is taken by Lamanites, and women and children are sacrificed … Read more Teancum, City of

Shem, City of

Shem, a city in the Nephite land north of Antum and Jashon. Nephites driven northward to land of Shem, Morm. 2:20 Nephites gather to Shem and fortify it, Morm. 2:21 20 And it came to pass that in this year the people of Nephi again were hunted and driven. And it came to pass that … Read more Shem, City of

Shimnilom, City of

Shimnilom, a Lamanite city in the land of Nephi, the people converted to Christ, they were among those who adopted the name Anti-Nephi-Lehies. Lamanites in Shimnilom are converted to the Lord, Alma 23:8, 12 8 Now, these are they who were converted unto the Lord: (Alma 23) 12 And also of the people of the … Read more Shimnilom, City of

Onihah, City of

Onihah, a city destroyed for its wickedness, water came up and covered it after the crucifixion of Christ. destroyed at time of Crucifixion, 3 Ne. 9:7 7 Yea, and the city of Onihah and the inhabitants thereof, and the city of Mocum and the inhabitants thereof, and the city of Jerusalem and the inhabitants thereof; and … Read more Onihah, City of

Omner, City of

Omner, a fortified Nephite city on the eastern borders by the seashore. possessed by Amalickiah, Alma 51:26 26 And thus he went on, taking possession of many cities, the city of Nephihah, and the city of Lehi, and the city of Morianton, and the city of Omner, and the city of Gid, and the city … Read more Omner, City of

Noah, City of

Noah, city in the land of Zarahemla, near Ammonihah. Its defenses were strengthened against attack by Moroni. When Lamanites tried to break through the heavily fortified banks of earth surrounding Noah, they were unable to penetrate the city and were slain, filling the ditches with their bodies. Amalickiah marches toward Noah, Alma 49:12–13 is strengthened … Read more Noah, City of

Nephihah, City of

Nephihah, a city east of Zarahemla, between the cities of Moroni and Aaron, on the east borders by the seashore. is built between cities of Aaron and Moroni, Alma 50:14 those who flee out of Moroni come to Nephihah, Alma 51:24 captured by Amalickiah, Alma 51:26 is attacked by Lamanites, Alma 59:5–11 is retaken by … Read more Nephihah, City of

Nephi, City of

Nephi, chief city in land of Nephi, south of the land of Zarahemla and bordered on the east and west by two bodies of water. The climate of the land was conducive to cultivating such things as corn, wheat, and barley. persecuted Nephites flee to Nephi for Zeniff’s protection, Mosiah 9:15 priests of Noah are … Read more Nephi, City of

Mulek, City of

Mulek, a Nephite city south of Bountiful, on the east borders by the seashore. on east borders by seashore, possessed by Amalickiah, Alma 51:25–26 Lamanite army retreats to Mulek, Alma 52:2 Moroni retakes Mulek, Alma 52:16–26 (53:2, 6) 25 But it came to pass that Amalickiah would not suffer the Lamanites to go against the … Read more Mulek, City of

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