Did you know that Jesus visited ancient America after His resurrection? And did you know He said He would return to that exact same location? Knowing the location of Book of Mormon lands is thus very important:

42 And the time cometh that he shall manifest himself unto all nations, both unto the Jews and also unto the Gentiles; and after he has manifested himself unto the Jews and also unto the Gentiles, then he shall manifest himself unto the Gentiles and also unto the Jews, and the last shall be first…  (1 Nephi 13)

Unfortunately, the Mormon Church has taught for more than a century that Book of Mormon lands are in Mesoamerica. We hold to the truth that Book of Mormon lands are where their records were deposited 1600 years ago, and Joseph Smith retrieved them 200 years agowestern New York.

Bountiful Temple Located - Delaware Park, Tonawanda, New York
Bountiful Temple Located – Delaware Park, Tonawanda, New York

Jesus Christ will make His first Second Coming appearance in America at Delaware Park, Tonawanda, New York, where ancient Bountiful Temple stood (now beautifully adorned by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery). As then, so will it be again, the place to see, learn, and be baptized in the same waters (Holy aka Hoyt Lake) that Nephi did—to signify the beginning of the prophesied Millennium of Peace.

See the book TESTIMONY: America’s Mt. Zion–Now for details.

The Facts

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing who pretend to care about the Book of Mormon but really have agendas. Anti-Mormons are:

  • Against Mormon Church Founder Joseph Smith
  • Against Mormon Church Prophets and Apostles
  • Against Mormon Church Canon
  • Against Mormon Church published History
  • Against Mormon Church First Presidency Statements
  • Against Mormon Church Instructions to Bishops
  • Against Book of Mormon Witnesses
  • Against Book of Mormon Prophecies

Mormon Church Founder

Joseph Smith identified the hill in Palmyra as “Cumorah,” place of the final Nephite battle (see Canon & History next).

*An anti-Mormon will ignore or contradict what Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith said.

Mormon Church Canon

And again, what do we hear? Glad tidings from Cumorah! Moroni, an angel from heaven, declaring the fulfilment of the prophets—the book to be revealed. (D&C 128:20, Joseph Smith)

Note Joseph is recalling his encounter with Moroni at the hill Cumorah. This is where Moroni taught Joseph about the book's contents “to be revealed.” That is future tense. Joe knew the hill was “Cumorah” before it came forth. An anti-Mormon will deny that he did.

*An anti-Mormon will ignore or contradict Mormon Church Canon.

Official Mormon Church History

The following communication was designed to have been published in the last No. of the Star; but owing to a press of other matter it was laid over for this No. of the Messenger and Advocate. Since it was written, upon further reflection, we have thought that A FULL HISTORY OF THE RISE OF THE CHURCH OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTS, and the most interesting parts of its progress, to the present time, would be worthy the perusal of the Saints.  

THAT OUR NARRATIVE MAY BE CORRECT, and particularly the introduction, it is proper to inform our patrons, that our brother J. SMITH JR. HAS OFFERED TO ASSIST US. (LATTER DAY SAINTS’ MESSENGER AND ADVOCATE, Volume I. No. 1. KIRTLAND, OHIO, OCTOBER, 1834 p. 12)

Joseph proceeded to identify the hill in Palmyra as “Cumorah,” location of the final Nephite battle:

You are acquainted with the mail road from PALMYRA…you pass a LARGE HILL…By turning to the 529th and 530th pages of the book of Mormon you will read Mormon’s account of the LAST GREAT STRUGGLE of his people, as they were encamped round THIS HILL CUMORAH. (LATTER DAY SAINTS’ MESSENGER AND ADVOCATE, Volume I. No. 10, KIRTLAND, OHIO, OCTOBER, 1834, p. 157-158)

*An anti-Mormon will ignore or contradict Mormon Church History.

Mormon Prophets & Apostles

The following Mormon prophets & apostles are on record saying the final Nephite battle was at the Hill Cumorah in Palmyra: George Albert Smith, James E. Talmage, Anthony W. Ivins, Mark E. Peterson, Joseph Fielding Smith, John A. Widstoe, Gordon B. Hinckley, and Bruce R. McConkie.

*An anti-Mormon will ignore or contradict Mormon prophets and apostles.

Mormon Church First Presidency Statements

A member of the church (Ronnie Sparks) inquired of the First Presidency back in 1990, where the location of Cumorah and the final Nephite battle was. Brother Sparks received a reply on official letterhead that identified the hill in Palmyra as “Cumorah,” location of the final Nephite battle. It said:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Office of the First Presidency Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

October 16, 1990

Bishop Darrel L. Brooks

Moore Ward

Oklahoma City Oklahoma South Stake

1000 Windemere Moore, OK 73160

Dear Bishop Brooks:

I have been asked to forward to you for acknowledgment and handling the enclosed copy of a letter to President Gordon B. Hinckley from Ronnie Sparks of your ward. Brother Sparks inquired about the location of the Hill Cumorah mentioned in the Book of Mormon, where the last battle between the Nephites and Lamanites took place.

The Church has long maintained, as attested to by references in the writings of General Authorities, that the Hill Cumorah in western New York state is the same as referenced in the Book of Mormon.

The Brethren appreciate your assistance in responding to this inquiry, and asked that you convey to Brother Sparks their commendation for his gospel study.

Sincerely yours,


F. Michael Watson

Secretary to the First Presidency

[Original copy here: Watson Letter]

*An anti-Mormon will ignore or contradict official statements by the First Presidency of the Mormon Church.

Mormon Church Instructions to Bishops

Mormon bishops are to protect their sheep. The following directive warned Bishops of an emerging theory that was contrary to the official position of the Mormon founder, prophets, and apostles:

The Messenger, July 1960, No. 51.


“Attention Called To ‘Book of Mormon’ Maps”

Our attention has been brought in the past few weeks to certain “Book of Mormon Lands” maps which are being offered to Church leaders and auxiliary workers by a California organization. They are apparently being distributed free of charge.

We wish to refer bishops to the printed matter at the bottom of the map, which contains an inference that there are two, rather than one, Hills Cumorah — one in Mexico as well as the one in New York.

The Church has never accepted this contention.

Bishops are requested to make cognizant of this discrepancy those in their wards who might be sending for these maps or using them for instructional purposes. This concept of two Cumorahs should not be taught as official Church doctrine.

[Source: http://emp.byui.edu/marrottr/Cumorah-JFeS-DofS3.htm retrieved 020710]

*An anti-Mormon will ignore or contradict official Mormon Church policies.

Book of Mormon Witnesses

A Nephite angel told special Book of Mormon witness David Whitmer, in the presence of Joseph and Oliver, that Cumorah was in Palmyra:

When I was returning to Fayette, with Joseph and Oliver, all of us riding in the wagon, Oliver and I on an old-fashioned, wooden, spring seat and Joseph behind us; while traveling along in a clear open place, a very pleasant, nice-looking old man suddenly appeared by the side of our wagon and saluted us with, “Good morning, it is very warm,” at the same time wiping his face or forehead with his hand. We returned the salutation, and, by a sign from Joseph, I invited him to ride if he was going our way. But he said very pleasantly, “No, I am going to Cumorah.” This name was something new to me, I did not know what Cumorah meant. We all gazed at him and at each other, and as I looked around inquiringly of Joseph, the old man instantly disappeared, so that I did not see him again.

J. F. S. Did you notice his appearance?

D. I should think I did. He was, I should think, about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches tall and heavy set, about such a man as James Vancleave there, but heavier; his face was as large, he was dressed in a suit of brown woolen clothes, his hair and beard were white, like Brother Pratt’s, but his beard was not so heavy. I also remember that he had on his back a sort of knapsack with something in, shaped like a book. It was the messenger who had the plates, who had taken them from Joseph just prior to our starting from Harmony. (“Report of Elders Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith,” Millennial Star 40 (9 Dec 1878):771-7 )

Special Book of Mormon witness Oliver Cowdery testified that the hill in Palmyra was Cumorah, place of the final Nephite battle.

This Book, which contained these things, was hid in the earth by Moroni, in a hill called by him, Cumorah, which hill is now in the State of New York, near the village of Palmyra, in Ontario County.

Thus ended our first Indian Mission, in which we had preached the gospel in its fulness, and distributed the record of their forefathers among three tribes, viz: the Catteraugus Indians, near Buffalo, N. Y., the Wyandots of Ohio, and the Delawares west of Missouri (Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt).

*An anti-Mormon will ignore or contradict statements by Book of Mormon witnesses.

Book of Mormon Prophecies

There are numerous Book of Mormon prophecies that place Book of Mormon lands:

  • White Gentiles would come “by the multitudes” to ancient Book of Mormon lands
  • They would “obtain” or buy the lands
  • A Gentile would find the record on Book of Mormon land
  • The record would come forth on Book of Mormon lands
  • The Gentiles would be blessed upon Book of Mormon lands
  • The mother countries of those Gentiles would come to battle against those Gentiles on Book of Mormon lands
  • Those Gentiles upon Book of Mormon lands would create a government called “New Jerusalem”
  • That new nation, upon Book of Mormon lands, would rise to greatness “above all other nations”
  • That new nation upon Book of Mormon lands would not have a king/queen
  • That new nation upon Book of Mormon lands would be a blessing to Israel and the whole world
  • That new nation upon Book of Mormon lands would be protected “from all other nations,” i.e., distinct boundaries

*An anti-Mormon will ignore or contradict Book of Mormon prophecy and where they were fulfilled.


Ancient Record, or Tablet (East Aurora, Western New York IS Zarahemla) 

“In the year 1809, a COPPER PLATE was ploughed up in a field belonging to Mr. Ephraim Woodruff, the early pioneer blacksmith, in Willink (now Aurora). Those who saw it differ in reference to its size; the average of their recollections would make it twelve by sixteen inches; in thickness not far from the 8th of an inch. It had engraved upon one side of it, in regular lines, extending the whole width of the plate, what would appear to have been some record, or as we may well imagine some brief code of laws, in manner and form, like the tablets of the early nations to which allusions are made in both sacred and profane history. The letters, hieroglyphics, or characters, are described as having a close resemblance to the “old fashioned printed music notes.” Upon the reverse side of the plate at each corner, there was an engraved image, resembling (in the language of one of the author’s informants), some of the pictures in Stevens’ work on the ruins of Central America.” 

“Unfortunately for those who take a deep interest in this branch of American history – who are eager to catch even glimpses of that which is involved in so much obscurity, the mysterious plate was a sacrifice to the exigencies of that early period of settlement: – After being looked upon with wonder, (as it would be now,) those who possessed it, and were somewhat unmindful of its value, allowed it to be worked up – converted into kitchen utensils – a dipper and a skimmer. They were not Antiquarians, as must be inferred, and a sheet of copper in those primitive times, was a rarity that must have strongly inclined them to utilitarianism. A surviving son of the early blacksmith, who worked up the plate, is quite confident that he did not hammer out the whole of the engraved lines. All traces of the dipper are lost, but it is confidently believed that the skimmer has been preserved in a branch of the Woodruff family, now residing at the west. If so, and there are any portion of the engraved lines yet legible, it will be put into the hands of some one competent to the task of interpretation. But a partial understanding of the character of the mysterious relic, can, however, be anticipated. But we may well infer, that the plate, had it been preserved entire, would have furnished something more decisive than any that has yet been discovered; and perhaps, have determined what race or people it was that history, and even tradition has lost sight of; but of whose occupancy of this region, there are so numerous and palpable evidences.” (O. Turner, Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western New York: Embracing Some Account of the Ancient Remains, 1850, p.668-669) 

Details are under Zarahemla.


These are the facts:

  • It’s a fact Joseph identified the hill in Palmyra as “Cumorah”
  • It’s a fact Joseph directed and Oliver edited an Official Church History which placed the final battle at the Cumorah in Palmyra
  • Omer, a Jaredite, traveled past “where the Nephites were destroyed,” thus Lake Ontario IS the Sea North
  • It’s a fact a Nephite angel told David Whitmer, Oliver Cowdery, and Joseph that Cumorah was in Palmyra
  • It’s a fact the Book of Mormon prophesied it would come forth ON Book of Mormon lands
  • It’s a fact Jesus said the Book of Mormon would come forth on the same land where he preached anciently

Details are under Cumorah and Spiritual Geography on the Main Menu.


These are the facts:

  • It’s a fact most modelers claim spiritual insight for their models
  • It’s a fact Joseph said that deceiving spirits had gone forth deceiving the world (D&C 50:2)
  • It’s a fact Joseph said long pilgrimages had been undertaken under the auspices of deceiving spirits (TPJS, 1977, p. 205)
  • It’s a fact God’s Spirit is NOT divided therefore, most modelers have been deceived
  • It’s a fact being divided confuses the public, which weakens the message of the Book of Mormon

Geography enthusiasts must consider why they are interested in the geography and what they have to contribute. An example of rampant “spiritual” guidance can be found with The Hill Cumorah Expedition Team:

On several occasions we have been the recipients of inspired messages, inspired prayers, inspired blessings and divine revelation.

Includes “strong” spiritual witnesses, visions and visitations by the Three Nephites.

Testimony of Randall Lawrence 2009

“As I left the Temple, I experienced the Spirit strongly as a mantle or “Comforter” in finding and finishing all my research on the Hill Cumorah and especially in this new information regarding the Three Nephites. I was even more excited about going on the trip!”

“There was a powerful presence of the Spirit with this visit.”

“While waiting, I felt a powerful experience of the Spirit regarding the Three Nephites, powerful like prior to the trip. It is only my subjective testimony with no objective proof (sight, encounter), but I believe they were present there and stand by my testimony!”

Testimony of Neil Steede 2006

“The 2006 expedition to Cumorah began with some ambiguity. We realized that obtaining entrance into the cave we have been attempting to open over the last three years was highly improbable. Moreover, the realization had come that the more we thought about Joseph Smith’s experience of viewing the cave at Cumorah, we realized that these caves were not appropriate. Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery’s vision witnessed that they observed what was described as a shallow cave. We knew that the caves we were investigating were very deep and connect with a myriad of other caves, therefore there were several problems.”

“Realizing that I am bias, I would still express my belief that the Holy Spirit has moved us into a new realm of discovery.”

While meditating and reflecting, a scene opened before me. I immediately understand that I am now at the same ravine almost four hundred years after Christ. That is to say I have gone back in time

“I can only thank the Lord for loving me enough to allow me to have this experience and yet remain intact, thus allowing me a much fuller comprehension of what actually happened at the very site which we explore.

Thus now armed with a much larger array of archaeological evidence than ever before and armed with an unimaginable insight I believe that our team is much closer to becoming the tool that God needs to have in place for his final day revelations.”

2010 Hill Cumorah Expedition Team Spring Expedition

“The 2010 Hill Cumorah Expedition Team Spring Expedition took place from March 20th through March 27th of 2010. This year saw a change in the usual way that our expeditions take place. [i.e. Having been led along by deceiving spirits whose end will not bear fruit.] While previous expeditions are comprised of groups of seven or more people who travel two weeks and focus mainly on the Hill Cumorah in the northern area of the State of Oaxaca, this year saw a group of four who spent the largest portion of time at the ruin site of Teotihuacán.”

“After saying our graceful goodbyes to Sergio and Reuben, we ended the evening with a very good devotion and reassurance that God is directing this work and we are privileged to be a part of it-“

“…it began to become very, very clear; Teotihuacán is the same expression of the Christ as found with the City of Enoch…The people who designed and built this city were full of the Spirit of Christ and gave their all to express it.”

“Now more than ever we are convinced that Teotihuacán is the structural representation of the faith system of the remnant Jaredite Christians; it is their testimony of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection.”

“Teotihuacán is Nuahtl for “Birthplace of the Gods.” We now understand that this site is the celestial marker of the planetary positions when Jesus was born and should be interpreted more like “The place that marks the birth event of God.” Beyond that the site is a teaching tool concerning the ages of man and the role of the Savior. It is the Jaredite record of Christ.”

Another fine example is Dr. Jerry L. Ainsworth, the dreamcaster at Mormon Sites Rising From the Dust:

“On this website you will read about exciting new findings that are beginning to reveal possible geographic locations for places and events recorded in the Book of Mormon. You’ll learn about the challenge Dr. Jerry L. Ainsworth, author of the popular book “The Lives and Travels of Mormon and Moroni,” has accepted to provide physical evidence towards proving the location of the hill in Mexico where it’s most likely that the final Nephite battles took place.”

“As I looked up from the grove of trees, my eyes fell upon the large pyramid called El Castillo, (the Castle). I stood frozen in front of this huge edifice, totally amazed at its stony grandeur, its eerie silence. I was unable to move or speak – I just stood there staring at it. Then my heart began to race. Chills spread over my whole body. Finally, I began to weep.”

“Jerry attends a ward where he is not given a calling for years. So he goes to the Lord in prayer and the Lord says, “come with me and I’ll use you.” He then begins to travel through mesoamerica in earnest, using all the exciting skills he learned in his youth.”

“From that moment on, Jerry was transformed…On Jerry’s third trip to the Yucatan…He went SCUBA diving to see ancient ruins…He uses his skill as a pilot to fly over remote areas…the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala…After a number of years it became clear to Jerry that he was to write a book…Six years later the manuscript was completed. Editing took an additional year…to the Lord and was told to publish the book himself…creates his own publishing company…total costs of these contracts was between $ 375,000 and $ 400,000…Jerry began to borrow against all of his possessions…Thanksgiving Day of 1999 Jerry spends the whole day in fasting and prayer…Lord’s answer is simply, “Get it done”…One of the things Jerry prays for, is to become closer to Moroni…On Christmas Day Jerry spends the whole day in fasting and prayer…my God, I feel so alone…New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Jerry Ainsworth once again went to the Lord with fasting and prayer…Jerry has now second and third mortgages his home, sold his new car, cashed in his life insurance and put close to $ 100,000 on credit cards…So far Jerry has sold over 15,000 books and repaid the $ 400,000 he borrowed to publish and promote his book.

If you love the Book of Mormon and its people as much as I do, you’ll want to learn all you can about our Finding Cumorah project, and what’s about to happen south of the USA border. Knowing where the Book of Mormon stories played out has given me a fresh perspective on the Book of Mormon, and has brought to me vivid dreams of its people. It could happen to you too.

Another example is Verneil Simmons

Report on Saturday’s event – Verneil Simmons

Verneil Simmons shared her testimony Saturday evening, May 29, describing her life-long quest for the location of the ancient Hill Cumorah where Mormon placed the sacred records. About 125 people attended the event, a beginning in our promotion of fellowship among Book of Mormon believers in the church.

The official map published by the church in 1894 placed the hill in Western New York, the place where Joseph obtained the plates. That map was the winner of a church wide contest and was not based on any archeological evidence. Even simple comparisons with the descriptions of the hill portrayed in the Book of Mormon and the hill in New York show inconsistencies.

Verneil’s quest began in 1932 with the visit of a stranger, whom her parents believed was one of the three Nephites. It required an intense study of the geography as recorded in the Book of Mormon and years of research in Mexico. Her entire family became involved. One significant clue was discovered by her son Gareth in the mid-sixties. He found a 1933 report from a young student detailing the legends at Jalapa de Diaz, a village at the base of Hill Rabon in Southern Mexico. One of them described three men who yearly came to the mountain and announced that they are guardians of the records of an ancient culture.

A comparison of Hill Rabon with the requirements that the Book of Mormon’s geography placed on it, as well as a trip by part of her family to the mountain’s base, confirmed it as the long-sought location.

Verneil’s testimony ended with account of another mysterious stranger who approved her husband’s intentions to share a photo of the hill with the saints for the first time. This happened in 1972. Verneil’s husband, Wayne, tried to meet the stranger after the meeting, but he had disappeared. No one present had seen him come or go. Neither did any know who he was. Wayne believed that he was one of the three Nephites, putting the confirming seal and approval on Verneil’s life-long quest.

Verneil said that the night’s testimony was the first time that this valiant latter-day saint has shared all the high points in the history of her remarkable discovery.

by Bob Moore

Another strange view:

“Verneil Simmons suggests that the wise men were from the New World possibly Nephi, his brother Lehi and Samuel, the Lamanite prophet (1986:198-199).” (Shirely Heater, “Signs and Wonders of His Birth,” Quetzal Codex, ed. Shirly Heater, vol. 1, no. 1, p. 7)

And another:

Though much uncertainty exists regarding many details of the subject, the location of the lands of the Book of Mormon appears to be established beyond any question relatively speaking. Within a few hundred miles one might be wrong in suggesting locations, but there is little possibility that one can miss the whole land. (J.A. Washburn and J.N. Washburn, An Approach to the Study of Book of Mormon Geography, 1939, p. 194)

One of the foremost authorities in the Church placed it (Narrow Neck) at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and a number of other students have agreed with this. The present writers have no objection though this is the RESULT OF A FEELING RATHER THAN ANY DEFINITIVE EVIDENCE. (Ibid., p. 198)

The authors do not consider it their responsibility to answer this question (two Cumorah’s) even if it requires an answer, yet they are sincerely interested in the answer. If their conclusions are in error, as indicated in the introduction, there is no need to find an answer at all. (Ibid., p. 208)

And another:

This book is a large geographic setting like no other book available. The Book of Mormon geography book, A Promised Land, The Land of Promise, is one of our books at Alpha Publishing available for purchase at www.LDSMusicAndBooks.com. Virginia Elieson was inspired with this geography, while with her patriarch husband and mission president in Dallas here organized into a book by Peter Covino, Jr. There is nothing like this available anywhere, it will surprise you. Because it contradicts many “church scholars” who adamantly disagree with the prophets, the main stream book stores have refused to carry it even though it has been in print since 1986.

Q. What was the genesis for her creation of the map? A. Both she and her husband felt the land they proselyted in, Texas, was part of the history of the Nephites and the Lamanites.

And another:

“The only possible location where events of the Book of Mormon occurred was within Central America, specifically the region of eastern ancient Mesoamerica, which comprises Guatemala, southeastern Mexico, and Belize. This is because it is the only locality in the world that meets the geographic and cultural criteria as specifically stated in the Book of Mormon. I CAN STATE THIS WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION because of years of analytical experience and field testing in Guatemala and Mexico.” (Dr. F. Richard Hauck, Deciphering the geography of the Book of Mormon: settlements and routes in ancient America, Deseret Book, 1988, Archaeological Research Institute; Meridian Magazine June 2, 2010

And another:

THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that the locations presented here are the true sites of the land where the Nephites – or the believers in Christ – whose record we have, the Book of Mormon, lived.” (Delbert W. Curtis, Christ in North America, 1993, p. 12)

As I was pondering those statements from the Ensign, into my mind came some passages from Ether. ‘The Jaredites started fighting on the narrow neck of land; they fought eastward to the seashore, then south to Cumorah.’ With the above passages CAME THE THOUGHT, ‘Reverse those directions and see what you find.’ I got a map of the state of New York; north of Cumorah was Lake Ontario, and west along the lake shore was a narrow neck of land. WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING FILLED MY BREAST. There is a narrow neck of land, right where the book of Ether suggested it should be. (Ibid., p. 264)

And another:

By implication Mr. Meldrum leads people to conclude that he is restoring revelatory insights lost to the Church and its leaders for more than a century. In an e-mail letter to his supporters, Mr. Meldrum wrote: 

Within 48 hours the Lord provided the answer to how this was to be accomplished… What a tremendous blessing!… Within 48 hours again the Lord provided another ‘miracle’… So the Lord is watching out for this project!(www.fairlds.org/Book_of_Mormon/MisguidedS.html#en6)

While Mr. Meldrum may be the private beneficiary of God’s miracles, it is not appropriate to publicly reference such miracles as evidence for God’s support and endorsement of his efforts.

He then goes on to claim that he RECEIVED A BLESSING from an emeritus Church authority that DIVINELY SANCTIONS his work. Mr. Meldrum insists that the blessings received by him and his wife affirms “the validity [of] the…work in which we are engaged.”(www.fairlds.org/Book_of_Mormon/MisguidedS.html#en7) Most Latter-day Saints know that the recitation of a blessing to others with the intention of convincing them that one’s course is in harmony with the powers of heaven is absolutely forbidden by scripture.

Mr. Meldrum also states that the blessing promised his information WILL GO OUT TO MILLIONS and the Saints will “declare anew the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”(www.fairlds.org/Book_of_Mormon/MisguidedS.html#en8) Of course, it would only need to be declared anew if it weren’t being declared now, something that should astonish any missionary-minded Latter-day Saint.

The bottom line is that if a Book of Mormon geography were to be divinely revealed, such a revelation will not come through Mr. Meldrum or anyone else other than he who has the keys and authority to receive revelation for the Church: Thomas S. Monson. (www.fairlds.org/Book_of_Mormon/MisguidedS.html)

And another:

After nearly EIGHT YEARS of research and study, I could see that the puzzle of Book of Mormon geography comes together beautifully…(Duane R. Aston, Return to Cumorah, 1998, p. 3)

…demonstrate that the lands of the Book of Mormon are found mainly in the area of western New York, with lands reaching into Canada on the north, and the states of Pennsylvania [he having grown up there] and Ohio on the south. (Ibid., p. 5)

After nearly 3,000 miles of travel through these lands, camping along the way, my plane headed for home. As it climbed into the clouds, seen on the hazy southern horizon, lay a land beyond that I believed was the ancient land of Nephi. My hope is that someday I might share with others some the EXPERIENCES that I obtained there. (Ibid., p. 46)

And another:

Those interested in the geographical location of the Book of Mormon lands readily recognize that only direct revelation given the Prphet himself can give us a definitive answer to the true location of the Book of Mormon lands. Until that information is given, however, we have only those God-given powers of reason to rely on in coming to some conclusion of the matter. Even so, we are all entitled to the promptings of the Spirit, and, thus, I MUST GIVE DUE RECOGNITION OF THE PROMPTINGS THAT HAVE BEEN SUCH AN INTEGRAL PART OF THIS WORK. I simply could not have done it alone. (Phyllis Olive, The Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon, 2000, p. 327)

And another:

I hope no one will be offended if I ACKNOWLEDGE THE ROLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THIS PROJECT. The mistakes are mine, but most NEW UNDERSTANDINGS CAME FROM HIM. I WAS OFTEN TAUGHT AS I WROTE. I CAN’T CLAIM ANY OF THE NOVEL INSIGHTS AS ENTIRELY MY OWN. (Patrick L. Simiskey, The Zarahemla Puzzle, Vol. 1, A Study in Nephite Geography, 2004, p. xi)

He fully expects the study of Book of Mormon geography to be a primary focus for the remainder of his life. (Ibid., p. xii)

I think it is correct to say that we have only “scratched the surface” in the study of ancient civilizations in Panama…and that the excitement aroused by it may be akin to that in 1830 when the Nephite record…came forth. (Ibid., p. 233)

And another:

This book is, in part, Goble’s journey with Book of Mormon geography. He indicates how, at one time, he believed in the Heartland theory, then became skeptical of certain parts of that theory. Now he promotes the Hemispherical theory.

He is passionate about this theory, almost too passionate. At times he seems too emotionally wrapped up in this theory, to the point where it becomes difficult to distinguish between his logic and his feelings. He makes strident claims and statements, some more well-founded than others. I have the feeling that he believes he is David fighting Goliath (Limited Geography theorists). At times he seems to get so worked up in attacking Goliath that he loses some credibility. He may have been more convincing if he had more carefully, objectively, and logically presented the arguments for his theory and let the reader decide.

Instead his vitriolic attacks often detract from the arguments and logic that he is promoting. (Edwin Goble, Resurrecting Cumorah, Reviewed by J. Sherman Feher for the Association of Mormon Letters, 3/28/11)

And another:

-It will require some inspiration, as well, for this is a subject which has not yet been deciphered. It may even require revelation. (William C. Chappell, An Abridgment of the Record of Lehi, 2002, p. 92)

-This is what the author calls the “Clarified Expanded Version” of these scriptures, and is abbreviated CEV. (p. 94)

-Thus, I say that the city Bountiful was located where Panama City is today. (p. 114)

-So let me end this part of my book with a secret which has been hidden from the foundation of the world. Now the Lord has went (sic) to great lengths to keep this secret hidden, even since the translation of the gold plates of the Book of Mormon. Should I reveal it at this time, for I have received the inspiration. Behold, it was the mountain to the east near the mouth of the Magdalena River…Now if a person should climb that mountain, unto the relative direction and position, as the gold plates of the Book of Mormon was found on the Hill Cumorah within the western part of the state of New York; then, he might find a cave there which contained all the plates of the Nephites. (p. 115)

And another:

“On the judgment day, how will we feel if we know we may have known the truth about the geography of the Book of Mormon but kept quiet because of the fear of man?” (Ralph A. Olsen, “The Malay Peninsula as the Setting for the Book of Momon,” 1997, p. 246)

And another:

“I know for a fact, I know for a fact [solemn tone] that Joseph knew way, way more than he ever revealed about the history of this land.”

“I was sitting in Sunday School and all this stuff is flowing around in my brain and I’m trying to concentrate on the class, trying, but this stuff’s in my head I can’t shut it out.” (Wayne May, “Book of Mormon Geography,” Ancient American History Conference, SLC, April 1, 201) 

And another:

Claims to have discovered the “Nephitic Language” and knows how to “translate” the untranslated Nephite words in the Book of Mormon. By his method, Savelli claims to have discovered the true geography, believing Nephite words have been passed down and, therefore, can be translated phonetically.


 His River Sidon, shown above, flows the wrong way.

One may ask, “How do you safeguard yourself against deception?”

Answer: Read the Book of Mormon – ALL OF THE LAND REFERENCES:


Then, protect those results by NOT supplanting (i.e., replacing) them with modern statements. If modern statements support a conclusion based on the PSI, fine, but stop trusting the words of man more than the unbiased, untarnished Word of God. Clearly, the adversary is allowed to play when the Word of God is set aside.


These are the facts:

  • It’s a fact most modelers do not have an Internal Geography Map
  • It’s a fact that without an Internal Geography Map, it's impossible to formulate an accurate Physical Map
  • It’s a fact the Land Promises and Land Prophecies or “Spiritual Geography” have been ignored by 97% of the modelers
  • It’s a fact that without aligning Internal Geography with Spiritual Geography, it's impossible to identify Physical Geography accurately.
  • It’s a fact modelers must be able to show ALL THREE MODELS to be accurate.

Modelers: do not post a PHYSICAL MODEL without its accompanying SPIRITUAL and INTERNAL geography.

Investigators: do not consider a PHYSICAL MODEL without an accompanying SPIRITUAL and INTERNAL geography.

(Sources: Internal Maps – Sorenson, Clark and FAIR)


These are the facts:

  • It’s a fact the New Jerusalem would be built BEFORE the Book of Mormon came forth
  • It’s a fact the New Jerusalem would be built on Book of Mormon lands
  • It’s a fact the New Jerusalem is more a government than a building, town, or city
  • It’s a fact that government would be founded on the principles of God, Christ, and Freedom
  • It’s a fact the inspired Declaration and Constitution of the United States are based on God, Christ, and Freedom

[Details are under New Jerusalem on the Main Menu.]

The following quotes come from LDS Prophet and Secretary of Agriculture – Ezra Taft Benson, This Nation Shall Endure, 1977:

-This was the place of three former civilizations: that of Adam, that of the Jaredites, and that of the Nephites. This was also the place where our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to Joseph Smith (p. 15).

-Yes, we are priviliged to live in a choice land – a land of Zion – a land reserved for the second coming of our Lord and Savior, and the Lord’s base of operations today (p. 28).

-What those framers did can be better appreciated when it is considered that when the instrument (Constitution) went into operation (April 6, 1789), it covered only thirteen states with fewer than four million people (p. 40).

I reverence the Constitution of the United States as a sacred document. To me its words are akin to the revelations of God, for God has placed His stamp of approval on the Constitution (p. 44).

Only a FREE people can be truly a HAPPY people (Freedom is the core of the New Jerusalem) (p. 82).

John Quincy Adams: ‘From the day of the Declaration…[the American people] were bound by the laws of God…and by the laws of the Gospel, which they nearly all acknowledged as the rules of their conduct’ (Oration celebrating July 4, 1821) (p. 130).

It was not just incidental nor was it mere political platitude that the NAME OF GOD was mentioned in the Declaration of Independence FOUR TIMES, and that our adopted NATIONAL MOTTO became ‘In God We Trust’ (p. 130).

“He that fighteth against Zion shall perish” (p. 14). This applies to those who endorse models outside the United States.

It is the job of the historian and educator and church leader [particularly modelers] to help us as a nation to pull ourselves together, to help us regain perspective and vision…it will be done by men who possess a love of country, a vision of our country’s future, and the assurance of her divinely guided destiny. (p. 24)

My plea is that you stir up the gift that is within you. You will recall the Lord told us why we needed to exercise the spiritual gifts He has given us: ‘…BEWARE LEST YE ARE DECEIVED; AND THAT YE MAY NOT BE DECEIVED SEEK YE EARNESTLY THE BEST GIFTS…’ (D&C 46:8) (p. 27)


These are the facts:

  • It’s a fact that the Book of Mormon was the first of many records to come forth
  • It’s a fact that how well the Book of Mormon was received would determine whether other records would come forth
  • It’s a fact that the Lord stated in 1832 that the “whole church” was under “condemnation” for not following the Book of Mormon (D&C 84:54-58)
  • It’s a fact that in 1986, President Ezra Taft Benson stated the church was still under that condemnation (Ensign 16, [May 1986] p. 78)
  • It’s a fact that LDS historians and professors have admitted that the LDS church is not based on the Book of Mormon (see: www.bomchristian.com)
  • It’s a fact that more records have not come forth
  • It’s a fact that the reason they have not come forth is because the Book of Mormon has not been followed (see: Reformed Mormonism)
  • It’s a fact that the additional records would have proven the historicity of the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 26:6-10; Alma 37:3-4, 14-15)
  • It’s a fact that people not worthy of additional records are not worthy of other proofs, i.e., archaeological, geographical, or other

“The word of the Lord or the translation of other ancient records is required to clear up many points now so obscure that, as we have said, no two original investigators agree with regard to them” (George Q. Cannon, ed., “The Book of Mormon Geography” in The Juvenile Instructor, Jan. 1, 1890, p. 18).

“It is the personal opinion of the writer that the Lord does not intend that the Book of Mormon, at least at the present time, shall be proved true by any archaeological findings. The day may come when such will be the case, but not now” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Answers to Gospel Questions, 1998, v. 2, p. 196).

It's clear that the views expressed on the geography of the Book of Mormon since the time of Joseph till now are full of delusions, which is the fruit of condemnation.


These are the facts:

  • Mormon did not use the word “lake” because he had never experienced a saltwater ocean and had nothing to differentiate
  • It’s a fact that 99.9% of the models are void of a Land Northward surrounded by FOUR SEAS and a Land Southward surrounded by THREE SEAS, lacking one on the south
  • It’s a fact they believed they were on an “ISLE OF THE SEA,” and God considered them to be on one also
  • It’s a fact that FOUR SEAS bordered the Jaredite Land Northward
  • It’s a fact the “Great Sea,” “Great Water,” “Irreantum,” “Many Waters,” “Deep,” and “Great Deep” that were crossed to arrive at Book of Mormon lands did NOT directly border Book of Mormon lands
  • It’s a fact neither the Atlantic nor the Pacific oceans directly bordered Book of Mormon lands
  • It’s a fact no seas bordered the SOUTHERN END of the Land of First Inheritance
  • It’s a fact that the Sea South of the Jaredite Land Northward was the Sea North of the Nephite Land Southward
  • It’s a fact that the body of water east of the Narrow Passage that led into the Jaredite Land Northward was the same as the Sea South of the Jaredite Land Northward and the Sea that Divides the Land from the Nephite Land Southward
  • It’s a fact there are more references to the Sea North and the Sea South than Sorenson, Clark, or Hamblin admit
  • It’s a fact there's no cause to abandon the clear meaning of the FOUR SEAS text for a more “conducive physical model” that interprets the FOUR SEAS as merely a metaphor
  • It’s a fact cities bordering “seas” imply the seas were fresh water, not salt, just like the Sea of Galilee
  • It’s a fact the word “Sea” has been used in the Bible to describe INLAND FRESH WATER LAKES
  • It’s a fact if an Internal Map is void of the bodies of water described in the text, it is biased; seas should only be absent from Physical Maps if the “metaphorical card” is played

You can’t skirt the seas because they don’t fit. The seas bordered Book of Mormon lands. BOOK OF MORMON LANDS HAD DISTINCT BOUNDARIES.


Israel is synonymous with Promised Land, Holy Land, and Palestine. Other nations surround Israel, yet her boundaries are distinct. No one would claim that the promises associated with Israel are inferred to apply to adjoining or distant lands. Only Israel’s promises are FOR ISRAEL, not Syria, Iraq, Jordan, or Egypt.

For some reason, however, modelers assume the land promises of Nephi and Jared may be applied ANYWHERE. In one breath, they claimed Mexico and Guatemala as Book of Mormon lands, and in the next, they claimed the glory of the United States of America.

When God gives a land to someone with promises, that land and those promises are sacred. Pitty, the man who stretches forth his hand and seeks to re-align those. Pitty is the man who is blinded and cares more about notoriety than the all-piercing eye.

With two hundred years of hindsight, can you modelers not feel the pain of God? Is there the slightest remorse for having moved the field of geography away from her promises and, contrary to the United States, the New Jerusalem?

And blessed are the Gentiles (Mormons) they of whom the prophet has written for behold if it so be that they shall repent and FIGHT NOT AGAINST ZION (US government, its Declaration and Constitution) and do not unite themselves to that great and abominable church (Notoriety) they shall be saved. (2 Nephi 6:12)

Presumptuous? FOUR SEAS bordered the Jaredite Land Northward, and THREE SEAS bordered the Land Southward. The promises apply there, not Missouri, Mexico, or Guatemala.

All land prophecies were fulfilled with Colonial America by her INSPIRED Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Which favors by God have been applied since that time to lands under her government.

Everything Joseph did was contrary to the New Jerusalem. Thus, with each sin, God pushed his followers off Book of Mormon lands and out of the New Jerusalem, the United States of America. They even called America “Babylon”:


We do not want one saint to be left in the United States after that time,” said the message. “Let every branch,” he continued, “in the east, west, north and south be determined to flee out of ‘BABYLON,’ either by land or sea, as soon as then.” (B. H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1930, vol. 3, p. 25)

Brethren awake!—be determined to get out from this EVIL NATION next spring. We do not want the saints to be left in the United States after that time. Let every branch in the east, west, north, and south, be determined to flee out of BABYLON, either by land or by sea, as soon as then. Judgment is at the door; and it will be easier to go now, than to wait until it comes. (Joseph Smith, History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, vol. 7, p. 516)


 We were then made to swear “To obey the laws of the Mormon Church and all they enjoin, in preference to those of the United States” [She describes the penalty and sign that accompany this grip.] (Mrs. G.S.R., “Lifting the Vail(sic): The Endowment House Mysteries Fully Exposed,” Salt Lake Daily Tribune, 28 September 1879).



Geography enthusiast John E. Clark inspired Book of Mormon FRINGE THEORY:

Adena and Hopewell peoples lived in Pennsylvania and western New York, but this region represented the impoverished FRINGE of their culture. (John E. Clark, “Archaeology and Cumorah Questions,” Journal of Book of Mormon Studies: vol. 13, no. 1, 2004, pp. 144-51).

In actuality, what Clark considered a weakness regarding our Western New York model is, in fact, a key element of true Book of Mormon geography.

As was stated on our Lamanite page, the Book of Mormon is clear—other people existed before the arrival of Lehi’s group, and they were larger in number. Fringe Theory states:

Nephite lands and culture were smaller than Lamanite lands and culture which should be reflected in the archaeological record as a ‘fringe group’.