Riley Lake Dixon

For a century, Book of Mormon students accepted the Prophet Joseph Smith’s clear indication that the Hill Cumorah is in the State of New York. Recently, however, some students have taken upon themselves the privilege of making private interpretations. They are teaching that the last battles of the Nephites took place in Mexico, that the Hill Cumorah where the plates were hidden by Moroni was also in Mexico, and that neither the Jaredites nor the Nephites ever populated the land now known as the United States.

Just One Cumorah is an astute and intelligent answer to this false and modern-day hypothesis. Riley L. Dixon, after years of careful research, sets forth the internal evidences of the Book of Mormon that convincingly indicate that there is only one Hill Cumorah, the one universally accepted by Church members, in New York State (Riley Lake Dixon, Just One Cumorah, Bookcraft 1958, front flap).

The author has screened the Book of Mormon word by word, line by line, verse by verse, and failed to find a single word that would uphold the theory that all the Jaredites and Nephites battles were fought in the southland or that there ever was a Cumorah in Mexico. There is only one Hill Cumorah and that is where the scripture – “the law and the Prophets” – have placed it (Ibid., p. 155).