To satisfy the critic who believes the archaeological record of Western New York is complete, with no anomalies, we offer the fact that large bones, i.e. GIANTS were discovered there, which leaves a gaping hole in the status quo:

“Some skeletons, almost entire have been exhumed, many of GIANT SIZE, not less than seven to EIGHT FEET in length” (O. Turner, Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western New York, p. 35).

“Human bones of GIGANTIC PROPORTIONS were discovered in such a state of preservation as to be accurately described and measured. The cavities of the skulls were large enough in their dimensions to receive the entire head of a man of modern times, and could be put on one’s head with as much ease as a hat or cap” (Harvery Rice, Pioneers of the Western Reserve, p. 303).

“Erie County has yielded a vast store of ancient monuments, including many GIANT SKELETONS, spear points, war hatchets, and other weapons that seem TOO LARGE for an average sized man to wield. Bones of GIANT SIZE’ have been uncovered” (C. H. Johnson, History of Erie County, p. 124).

“In 1922 ‘on the Rose farm, one half mile from Mormon Hill‘ a number of LARGE SKELETONS, stone implements, copper ornaments, a copper axe of unusual type, and other articles were found. At this historic spot were found ‘many of unusual physique, TALL, LONG-LIMBED, finely formed skulls, teeth finely shaped'” (Fred Haughton, Seneca Nation, p. 48).

“Brine lists ‘LARGE SKULLS’ among the skeletons he examined” (Lindsay Brine, American Indians, – Their Ancient Earthworks, p. 97).

“In the position of the skeletons, there was none of the signs of ordinary Indian burial; but evidences that the bodies were thrown in promiscuously, and at the same time. The conjecture might well be indulged that it had been the theatre of a sanguinary battle, terminating in favor of the assailants, and a general massacre, A THIGH BONE OF UNUSUAL LENGTH, WAS PRESERVED FOR A CONSIDERABLE PERIOD BY A PHYSICIAN OF LOCKPORT, AND EXCITED MUCH CURIOSITY” (Turner, p. 27).

Were there giants in the Book of Mormon, if so, where?

Jaredites in the Land Northward:

And the brother of Jared being a LARGE and mighty man…(Ether 1:34)

And they were LARGE and mighty men as to the strength of men. (Ether 15:26)

Zarahemlaites in the Land Southward:

And they came down again that they might pitch battle against the Nephites. And they were led by a man whose name was Coriantumr; and he was a descendant of Zarahemla; and he was a dissenter from among the Nephites; and he was a LARGE and a mighty man. (Helaman 1:15)

If there are zero giant bones in the land of your model (Mesoamerica, Baja, Malay, etc.), then it’s not Book of Mormon lands.

The Book of Mormon may be proven by books that are brought forth by the Gentiles (1 Nephi 13:39). What books? Books that documented the land before it became overrun by the Gentiles (2 Nephi 1:8). Books like those cited above. Who can deny that western New York was indeed filled with:  

  3. FORTS

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