Models Reviewed

We have reviewed many Book of Mormon Geography models; most are on the H38 Virus page. It takes great effort to believe any model that is spiritually false.

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Individual Models

Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum


The following individuals and/or groups are in league with the BMAF:

Quetzal Archaeology Center For Mesoamerican Research

  • Shirley Heater (Editor of Quetzal Code a quarterly journal; Quetzal Archaeological Center)
  • Dennis Heater (husband)
  • The late J. Robert Farley (Mayan themed Book of Mormon paintings used to fund the “Restored Covenant Edition” Book of Mormon and study version.)
  • Shirley Farley (daughter)
  • Michael Walker
  • Angela Crowell
  • Raymond Treat (Zarahemla Research Foundation; Restored Covenant Book of Mormon or RCE. Their color choice: “Jade was chosen as the main color of this site because of its sacred symbolism to the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica and China.“)
  • Faye Shaw (Christian Center for Book of Mormon Studies)
  • Simmons Verneil
  • Michael Walker (Restored Covenant Ministries)
  • David Beaver (Cherokee tribe; Inherited Covenant Promises from The Book of Mormon for Native Americans booklet.)