Sidon Maps & Pictures

This image shows a modern day road map of Zarahemla and the head of the River Sidon:

Buffalo River Street Map 

The lower red star identifies the town closest to the river’s head – Java Village.  The next picture is a close-up of where you can go and view the river at its head. It’s at the intersection of Sheehe Road at Whaley Road. As a bonus, there is an earthwork adjacent to it.

Buffalo Creek Head 

The view of the earthworks from ground level with the river behind you:


The following picture is of Buffalo Creek/River at the above location. The water is flowing down toward the bottom of the image:

 Buffalo River Head Photo

The following images will show the size of the river at different locations along its route to Lake Erie:

 First Public River Sign

This is what the Buffalo River looks like in Porterville at Two Rod Road. Please note, for the bottom of the river is solid rock. The way it looks today is how it looked back then, albeit with more water.


In Blossom at Hwy 354 (Clinton Street) & 78 (Transit Road):


In Gardenville at Hwy 354 (Clinton Street) and 277 (Union Road). Here, we are in the residential neighborhoods of Buffalo.


At the Buffalo Naval Park where the river meets Lake Erie:

Buffalo Naval Park 

The satellite view of the same area:

Buffalo Naval Park Satellite 

The distance from the head of the River Sidon to the City of Zarahemla is 12 miles. And the distance from the City of Zarahemla to the West Sea is 20 miles, for a total river length of over 30 miles.


In the following picture an alternate head for the River Sidon is offered. Near Java Village is where Buffalo Creek forks into Beaver Meadow Creek. The significance of Beaver Meadow Creek is its close proximity to the head of the river which runs east to west across Book of Mormon lands and is the boundary line between the Land of Zarahemla and the Land of Nephi and is called the Lamanite Line of Possession.

River Sidon Head Alternative
River Sidon Head Alternative