The Land of Cumorah was north of the Narrow Neck and east of Jaredite lands, i.e., the Land Northward. It’s important to note—no one lived in the Land of Cumorah—ever, besides preparing for battle. It was crossed by the Jaredite Omer who lived for a time on an eastern shore called Ablom (of an unnamed body of water; present day Sodus Bay). Cumorah is where they “sent for timber” by way of “shipping” during the period the Land Northward was desolate of trees.

It was not practical for them to get timber from the Land Southward:

  • No rivers flowed between the Land Northward and Land Southward.
  • The Sea South / Sea that Divides the Land was never used for shipping.

The final Nephite battle occurred there with a few escaping south (of the Hill Cumorah) into the “South Countries”; a term used but once).

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