The expression “truth is stranger than fiction” applies to geography models—perhaps more than anything else—due to how land changes over time (2000+ years for Book of Mormon lands). These are real maps because they are real geography. For our scriptural support, go here: Zarahemla.

The Land of Zarahemla encompasses the area south of the Land of Bountiful and north of the Lamanite Line of Possession, which is bordered by the Seas East and West. Much of this land was altered at the coming of Jesus; many cities were destroyed. Whatever cities were or could be rebuilt were again destroyed in the lead-up to the final Nephite war of extinction. The cities of Bountiful, Zarahemla, and Manti are firm, as are the East Sea, West Sea, and Lamanite Line of Possession.

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Internal Map

Internal Map - Book of Mormon Geography,Western New York Model