Rex C. Reeve Jr., Cumorah, Hill

The perpetuation of lies is exhausting. Readers must know that when a professor emeritus from BYU writes THE article for the amazing Book of Mormon Reference Companion on the “Hill Cumorah” and ignores every authorized statement including Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith, special Book of Mormon witnesses David Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery, Official Church Canon, Official Church History, Official First Presidency Statement, Official Church Publications, etc., there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing if not evidence of a church wide conspiracy to rewrite historical facts. 

“Some modern scholars believe there are two Cumorahs… Just when this New York hill was first called Cumorah is difficult to determine, but by 1835 the name Cumorah seemed to be well-known, at least among Church members. Joseph Smith referred to the hill but only used the name Cumorah once in his personal writings: ‘Glad tidings from Cumorah!’ (D&C 128:20)” (Dennis L. Largey ed., Book of Mormon Reference Companion, Deseret, 2003, p. 224).

President Joseph Fielding Smith already dealt with these claims 60 years ago and Reeve knew that and failed to address each refute by President Smith. Readers are encouraged to read the Anti-Mormon section we have on the Main Page and then the many statements under Cumorah to learn how contradictory Reeve is.