Misguided Zeal

The following article is typical of the misguided zeal LDS members have manifested on behalf of the middle and southern countries of America, no doubt due to the unrestrained conversions that have taken place there. [Yes, unrestrained, for when church membership in Brazil is stated to be 743,182 but the 2000 Census puts it at only 199,645 it’s not so glamorous. (“Keeping members a challenge for LDS church, Mormon myth: The belief that the church is the fastest-growing faith in the world doesn’t hold up” by Peggy Fletcher Stack, The Salt Lake Tribune, 6/22/06)]

Unfairly, they neglect the other end of America, the northern end including Canada and the Eskimos. Have Eskimos converted by the thousands?


 American tradition of Freedom


 In these days when terror, confusion, and tyranny possess an ever-widening area of the world, it is comforting to remember that America (1) is a land “prepared from the beginning” for its ultimate destiny; that Zion shall be built upon this continent, (2) and that here Jesus Christ shall appear to reign personally upon the earth. Ancient prophecies in the Book of Mormon forecast certain conditions which were to be an integral part of the continuous preparation of America. How literally these terse, explicit statements may be applied, and how significant of today they appear! For this is a land choice above all other lands, (3) . . . and the Gentiles shall be blest upon the land . . . and this land shall be a land of liberty . . . and there shall be no kings upon the land . . . and I will fortify this land against all other nations. . . . I must needs destroy the secret works of darkness, of murders and of abominations. (Book of Mormon.)

In our rejoicing because of our fortunate status as a free people, we study democratic Anglo-Saxon institutions, praise the Pilgrim Fathers, and give thanks to Washington, Lincoln, and the other patriots who won and preserved our liberty. All this is fitting and appropriate. But (4) many of us are unaware of another name which should be added to those that call forth our devotion and gratitude for the freedom of America—the complete America of the Book of Mormon interpretation. (5) That name is Simon Bolivar…[what about Canada, the Eskimos?] (Improvement Era, 1940 Vol. Xliii. July, 1940. No. 7)

  1. By “America” Ramona gloates in the “continent” not the United States.
  2. The interpretation that “Zion” will be built over the whole continent is ridiculous. Until Joseph’s enterprises failed in Harmony, Kirtland, Independence and Far West, such a wide sweeping interpretation was not mentioned. And certainly, the Book of Mormon does not support it. “They considered the domain designated as “the promised land” to be relatively compact, continuous, and complete in itself comes from the finality and brevity of the statement in Helaman 6:10: “Now the land south was called Lehi, and the land north was called Mulek.” The preceding verses connote that when the Nephites referred to these paired lands, they meant nothing was left over – at least nothing that interested them. (John L. Sorenson, Mormon’s Map, p. 23)
  3. It is inappropriate to lump disgraceful dictatorships and countries identified as “Pariah States” with the United States. The United States is what was blessed “above all other nations,” not nations outside of her borders, not Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Argentina or any other “third world” nation on the American continent.
  4. There is no “but” when it comes to the colonial history of the United States. Her constitution was inspired and fulfilled prophecy on Book of Mormon lands, lands small enough to be crossed by a day and a half, surrounded by water on all sides, none of which were either the Pacific or Atlantic oceans.
  5. The “complete America of the Book of Mormon interpretation” is too ridiculous to respond to.