Lines: Bountiful, Defense, Lamanite

There are three very significant boundary lines identified in the Book of Mormon:

  • Line Bountiful
  • Line of Defense
  • Lamanite Line of Possession

The Line Bountiful (orange) originates in Tonawanda and extends to Lockport. The Line of Defense (red) extends from Buffalo eastward. The Lamanite Line of Possession (blue) follows Cattaraugus Creek for 3/4th’s of its length starting at the West Sea (Lake Erie) heading east near the head of the River Sidon at Manti (current Java Lake) and continues eastward to the Sea East as depicted on the map.

For background information on those lines see Lands>Land Southward>Line Bountiful regarding the first two lines, and Lands>Land Southward>Lamanite Line of Possession for the third.