Tyler Livingston

The Lord is trolling Tyler Livingston and those at Book of Mormon Central. First, they merged the two most popular Book of Mormon sites and organizations on my birthday (April 16th), and used our initialism “BOMC” (Book of Mormon Christian) without realizing it, steering much of their traffic to our site: https://bomchristian.com.

“Saturday April 16 was a historic day, as two major LDS organizations joined their talents and resources to increase the quality and access worldwide for Book of Mormon studies.

“At the 13th annual Book of Mormon Lands Conference of the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum (BMAF) held at the Red Lion Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, president Tyler Livingston announced that the BMAF is merging with Book of Mormon Central (BMC), a new organization formed in 2015 with similar goals and objectives.

“’For thirteen years BMAF has brought together some of the best scholars in the Church each year in a forum where they can publicly present their research’, said Livingston.  ‘Now with the resources, the manpower and technology that BMC has to offer, we’ll be able to reach all of our goals in a more powerful way.  We have everything to gain and nothing to lose with this merger’.”

(“A Historic Day for Book of Mormon Studies,” Meridian Magazine, April 26, 2016, https://latterdaysaintmag.com/a-historic-day-for-book-of-mormon-studies/)

Hackers have attacked our sites continuously, believing they are justified. This will serve as notice regarding the illegal hacking and spying on me, my family, this ministry, and any parts pertaining to them that those supporting, encouraging, condoning (by not reporting), or contributing in any way, be it financial or other, you have been trolled by the Lord. This is HIS work, not mine, and those involved will be judged come Judgment Day, if not before, MARK MY WORDS.

April 16, 2022