The true geographical model accommodates all prophecies, and explains them. For example, the prophesied American New Jerusalem would be a joint effort between the Colonists and American Indians and be established prior to the Book of Mormon coming forth.

That prophecy precludes a commission by God for Joseph Smith or the LDS Church to do it. A key for understanding the true geography must include a correct understanding of the “Spiritual Geography.” The Spiritual Geography includes land promises and land prophecies, and how and where they were and will be fulfilled.

The Spiritual Geography is a sifter of models, for if any part of a model is outside the boundaries of Colonial America then it cannot be Book of Mormon lands—which excludes the Hemispheric, Mesoamerican, Heartland, Great Lakes, South American, Baja, Malay, etc.

The true model is the Western New York Model (presented here) and is confirmed by triangulating the following three data sets:

  • Physical Geography
  • Spiritual Geography
  • Internal Geography

The “PSI” of Book of Mormon Geography.

The PSI of Book of Mormon Geography by Arlin Ewald Nusbaum, M.Sc.

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