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Aaron, City of

[possibly two different cities] was in vicinity of Ammonihah, Alma 8:13–14 near cities of Moroni and Nephihah, Alma 50:14 13 Now when the people had said this, and withstood all his words, and reviled him, and spit upon him, and caused that he should be cast out of their city, he departed thence and took … Read more Aaron, City of

Ablom, City of

Ablom—a Jaredite city by the seashore The Lord warned Omer to flee to Ablom with his family after his kingdom was overthrown by secret combinations of Akish, Ether 9:3 3 And the Lord warned Omer in a dream that he should depart out of the land; wherefore Omer departed out of the land with his … Read more Ablom, City of

Ammonihah, City of

Ammonihah was a three-day journey from Melek, near the cities of Noah, and Aaron. It is remembered for the inhabitants who boasted, “God could not destroy because of its greatness.” Yet it suffered complete destruction in a single day at the hands of the Lamanites. (Alma 9:4; 16:9-10) Alma preaches at Ammonihah, Alma 8:6–8 (9:1) … Read more Ammonihah, City of

Angola, City of

Angola—Nephite city Nephites take possession of Angola, Morm. 2:4 4 And it came to pass that we did come to the city of Angola, and we did take possession of the city, and make preparations to defend ourselves against the Lamanites. And it came to pass that we did fortify the city with our might; … Read more Angola, City of

Ani-Anti, City of

Ani-Anti, Lamanite village in the land of Nephi. Alma 21:11  Missionaries preached there, but the inhabitants were not receptive. 11 Therefore, when he saw that they would not hear his words, he departed out of their synagogue, and came over to a village which was called Ani-Anti, and there he found Muloki preaching the word unto … Read more Ani-Anti, City of

Antiparah, City of

Antiparah—Nephite city possessed by Lamanites, Alma 56:14 Helaman decoys Lamanite forces in Antiparah, Alma 56:31–34 regained by Nephites, Alma 57:1–4 14 The land of Manti, or the city of Manti, and the city of Zeezrom, and the city of Cumeni, and the city of Antiparah. (Alma 56) 31 And we were to march near the … Read more Antiparah, City of

Boaz, City of

Boaz, City of Nephites flee to Boaz and are slaughtered, the women and children are sacrificed to idols. Mormon 4:20–21 20 And they fled again from before them, and they came to the city Boaz; and there they did stand against the Lamanites with exceeding boldness, insomuch that the Lamanites did not beat them until … Read more Boaz, City of

Bountiful, City of

Bountiful, a Nephite city in the land of Bountiful, south of the land Desolation and north of the land of Zarahemla, near the borders of the east sea, within the same environs as the city of Mulek. It’s likely that the temple was located in the city of Bountiful. Teancum is based in Bountiful, Alma … Read more Bountiful, City of

Cumeni, City of

Cumeni—a Nephite city captured by Lamanites, Alma 56:13–14 recaptured by Helaman, Alma 57:7–8, 12 retained, Alma 57:23 Lamanites march toward, Alma 57:31 is preserved, Alma 57:34 13 And now these are the cities of which the Lamanites have obtained possession by the shedding of the blood of so many of our valiant men: 14 The … Read more Cumeni, City of

Desolation, City of

Desolation, a city located in the north in the land Desolation (where Limhi’s people found the Jaredite ruins.) The city Desolation was built on the borders of the land “by the narrow pass which led into the land southward.” Morm. 3:5-7 Lamanites come to Desolation to battle, Morm. 3:5-7 possessed by Lamanites, Morm. 4:2 near … Read more Desolation, City of

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