Book of Mormon Traditions Found Only in Mesoamerica by Diane E. Wirth

 Book of Mormon Traditions Found Only in Mesoamerica by Diane E. Wirth

1. We find Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon, the Old Testament, in the Popol Vuh of the Quiché Maya, as well as on some Maya stelae.

2. Moroni, towards the end of the Book of Mormon account, said it was revealed to him that little children should not be baptized, because they do not need repentance at that young age (Moroni 8:9-10). The Maya were baptizing their little ones as depicted in the Madrid Codex, a pre-Columbian document.

3. Over 50 stone boxes were found in Mesoamerica for the keeping of sacred items.

4. Mesoamericans had knowledge of the wheel as can be seen in their small wheeled animals that were buried with the deceased, just as was done in the Middle East, symbolizing transportation for the dead in the hereafter.

5. The Book of Mormon speaks of many kings (not chiefs); so do the monuments and codices (books) of Mesoamerica.

6. The phrase, “And it came to pass” in the Book of Mormon exists on numerous Maya hieroglyphic phrases on stelae.

7. Deforestation was a monumental consequence of making cement (stucco) in Mesoamerica. Deforestation (by man) and cement occurred only in Mesoamerica.

8. Warriors dressed with “thick clothing” (Alma 43:19) was especially worn by the Maya during times of war.

9. Strong belief in the resurrection in the Book of Mormon and the Maya.

10. Tree of Life motifs were ubiquitous throughout Mesoamerica.

11. A belief in Mesoamerica of the first couple who were cast out of Paradise for plucking a flower from a tree, causing death to come into the world. The only difference in the Book of Mormon is a fruit instead of a flower.

12. The practice of human sacrifice and bloodletting to their god in Mesoamerica was prevalent, but was forbidden and explained by Alma 34:10-11, because Christ fulfilled the law of sacrifice.

Climate, languages, and traditions can change; seas and lands do not.